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The Demontog got us: Pokemon Uranium Walkthrough #7

Hey what's up my freak's today we are exploring route 3, along the way I forgot to heal up my Pokemon so we got wrecked by the Fortog which is named after Demontog because it's a demon for killing my Pokemon, make sure to give this video a freaking like as your support is greatly

Pokemon Uranium Gameplay #2 | BEST JOKE EVER!

Pokemon Uranium Gameplay #2 | BEST JOKE EVER! MOAR Pokemon Uranium gameplay for you guys today! I heard the best joke in the world today by a little old man. I guess all his years in life really gave him time to really show his true nature; which is a stunning comedy god, or Stomedy


Juegos baratitos :P : WOOOOLA! Me habéis pedido que haga más de esta versión que han creado un grupo de fans sobre la franquicia Pokémon! Llamada "Pokémon Uranium Version" a pesar de que esta en fase BETA, habitan Pokémon totalmente nuevos y en una región llamada Tandor basada en sitios de nuestra vida real! Me

Hitler Reacts to Pokemon Uranium

Hitler's got his own things to say about Nintendo and Niantic's behaviour recently. You know it's bad when even Hitler thinks ya done goofed... Subscribe for more! Follow me on Tumblr for more Pokemon stuff in general! Follow my Twitter to stay updated! I have an Instagram too! Because that's what the kids do these


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Pokemon Uranium Nuzlocke EP32 – Kidnapping a Child!

This episode starts off very calmly, with me thinking it's going to be a comfortable episode and then all hell breaks loose!! I could have titled this episode so many different things! What would you have called it? Hunt Update: Currently at 360 Soft Resets for shiny Litten on Pokemon Sun to start off my

Pokémon Uranium/Nuzlocke/Cap-1:Bienvenidos a TANDOR!! :D

⚠MUY BUENAS POKEAMIGOS!!😁😁😁⚠ 👉SI QUIERES UN MOTE COMPARTE EL VIDEO DESDE NUESTRA PAG DE FACEBOOK: 👉SINOPSIS:Un chico llamado kebrylan que vive una region muy alejadas a las demas llamada tandor en donde vive con su tia ya que sus padres...😩 Acomñanos para ver cual sera su inicial a base de preguntas😁😉 REGLAS: -Si se muere