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Pokémon Uranium #36 | ¡Reuniendo al clan ninja!

¡Conseguimos reunir de nuevo al clan ninja! Pokémon Uranium toma lugar en la exuberante y diversa región de Tándor, hogar de más de 150 nuevas y únicas especies de Pokémon. Nuestro Héroe inicia su aventura con un pasado oscuro. Después de que su madre Lucille desapareciera 10 años atrás en una catástrofe nuclear, su padre

Let’s Play: Pokémon Uranium! #1

---------------------WATCH IN 1080P 60FPS!!!----------------------------------- I am loving this game so far. Tell me what you think of the background layout, as the game is in too low res to make full screen. Link to download the game below. Catch me streaming on Be sure to follow me on Twitch to get notified of when I

Damien Sinn Plays: Pokemon Uranium 3

Join us as we continue to explore the region of Tandor, and discover all the new Pokemon the live there. If you like what you see please subscribe. Also check us out on Twitch at

Curse You Floor! | Pokémon Uranium Part 24

I hate slip'n slide puzzles! Pokémon Uranium is a fan game created in nine years by one dedicated person Pokémon's franchise is owned by Nintendo and Gamefreak/The Pokémon Company please support the official releases Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon hype!

Pokemon Uranium episode 3 Vs Maria

In this episode we take on the Nowtoch City's Gym leader Maria and ex-Champion of Tandor and a master of Normal type Pokemon and we have a rematch with our rival Theo again hope you guys enjoy side note: sorry for no Sonic Mania this time just wanted to take a little break from it