Harvest (Ability) – So Far Three Pokémon Have This Ability

Harvest  Cameron states later that he supposes that Kellyn in no circumstances forgave him for being incapable of saving his wife throughout the accident. That said, this article contains plot details about events that occur later in the game. Lucille was involved in the CURIE invention Interface with Larkspur Industries and had used it to communicate while testing Project U092. Lucille and Urayne happened to be pretty close acquaintances, and when project was to be shut down upon Larkspur’s realization that information had leaked of the project’s illegality, Lucille swore to protect Urayne from being destroyed. Lucille and Urayne stayed in Urayne’s stasis tank to survive the nuclear radiation, when the Nuclear Plant was having a meltdown. They remained in hibernation for 11 years until Lucille was presumably released by the primary character as they explored Nuclear Plant Epsilon ruins.

Having worn Interface for as long as she did within the stasis tank had terribly damaged her mind, and she emerged as CURIE with a hunger for nuclear power. Wikia is usually a ‘freetouse’ site that makes money from advertising.

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