Its Underbelly Is Greenish And It Has 7 Legs That Resemble Palm Tree Trunks – Cocancer

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R. Basically, hP 1Atk 1Def 0Sp. Atk 1Sp. Def 0Speed 0HP 0Atk 0Def 0Sp. With that said, atk 0Sp. Simply keep reading! Cocancer has usually been a dual type Grass/Ground Pokémon. It evolves from Cararalm when exposed to Coconut Milk. Cocancer usually was a huge crustacean Pokémon with a palm tree growing from its back., no doubt, its back always was covered in sand and has a couple of shells and beach detritus on it. Known its underbelly is usually light green and it has 7 legs that resemble palm tree trunks. Its massive claws are colored like coconuts. It has 2 eyes suspended on eye stalks. Cocancer bury themselves in sand and wait for prey to pass by, at which point they strike with astonishing speed.

Their trees are photosynthetic and enable them to get energy from sun to heal themselves.

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