Let’s Play Pokemon Uranium – PC Gameplay Part 6 – Let’s Go Fishin!

Pokemon Uranium is a Pokemon Fangame built in RPG Maker XP and set in the non-cannon Tandor region. It introduces 150 new fakemon, with both new evolutions for old pokemon, entirely new species, as well as a handful of alternate versions of older pokemon as well.

It’s a bit clunky and can be rough around the edges, but it is actually a fair bit of fun. They added a lot of interesting little bits that aren’t generally in the mainline series, and it’s cool playing a pokemon game that isn’t fully shackled by tradition.

You can download it here (as of 8/29/16- it’ll probably change):

No, I won’t help you set it up. I’m sorry, but I just dont have time.


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  1. it might sound a bit stupid, but what would be nice in this game would be if you could actually buy a house at some point, that you kindof can build up and plant all your berries in the backyard. that way you would have kindof a central point where you can fly to and multiply those barries for fights instead of spreading them all over the world. maybe you could even let some of your pokemon roam in the backyard.

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