Pokemon Uranium: All Mega Stone Locations / Mega Stone Hunt

Make sure your on the latest update for the game before searching.
Metalynxite/ Archillesite / Electruxolite: 00:11
Gyaradosite: 1:24
Whimsicottite: 2:06
Syrentideite: 3:32
Baariettite: 7:05
Drilgannite: 7:54
Ampharosite: 9:44
Inflagetite: 14:45
Arbokite: 15:55
Sableyeite: 19:17
Kiricornite: 20:01
Unidentified Fallen Object (S51-A) / Dramsamaite: 25:00

Sorry this took a year guys but I actually had this video already done 6 or 9 months ago but I barely had chances to narrate over the video. I hope you guys understand, enjoy the video.

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