Pokemon Uranium Nuzlocke Let’s Play w/ aDrive EP16: FROZEN

Pokemon Uranium is a fan made Pokemon game that takes place in the Tandor region, home to over 150 new and unique species of Pokemon! This game features Pokemon new and old and provides an incredible journey to gather 8 badges and complete the Pokemon league!

Pokemon Uranium was recently taken down due to copyright infringement from Nintendo. As a result I am unable to provide a download link for this game. Please be wary of any sources you download from as they may contain viruses.


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  1. At first I pick Incineroar because I like cats and I was hoping the Chinese leaks is fake because I hate tigers XD Now I think Im gonna pick Primarina cuz I love water in general…..

  2. Heyhh, what's going on with this series now? I'd love to see it til the end. Are you still doing episodes?

  3. Hey Dan, When you dont have pleasure doing something people feel it you know. If you play like its a struggle than people will be in the same mood

  4. I agree with many of the other comments, of all the people that i've watched play this game, yours seems forced. You were hype for it at the beginning but now it feels like you are just doing this because you feel like you have to. And it is a struggle to watch. I also feel that you wont be done by sun and moon and you are never going to finish it. I personally love fan games because i get to see new stories and things.

    And still going for Primarina 😀 been team popplio from the start. Though i love all three starters final evolutions

  5. To be honest, i don't feel you're really in it for this lets play anymore, which is understandable as sun/moon is happening soon. Why don't you just take out a day and stream the whole thing before sun/moon release. That'll make the viewers somewhat happy, cause they can see it end and it makes you a bit more relaxed to go fresh into sun and moon.

    I prefer lets plays over twitch playthroughs most of the time, but i so believe this one should be an exception.

  6. QOTD: i used to be team Litten but now i think i will go with poplio because i have a thing with blue mermaids

  7. Was originally leaning toward litten but after seeing its final evo (which looks too brutish), I'm all about decidueye (love the ghost typing).

  8. QOTD: When I first saw the starters I was Rowlet all the way because owls are awesome and neither of the others really appealed to me. I'm so happy Rowlet turned out the way he did. Decidueye is so amazing and his typing is completely unheard of among starters – we've NEVER had a Ghost-type starter (or Fairy-type, but that's beside the point). #TeamRowlet forever!

    I'm with you Dan – I usually try not to pick the mainstream 'mons (I don't even like using popular Pokemon in competitive), but Decidueye is so perfect I'm not going to pass him up.

  9. Please don't give up on Uranium! It's the one thing I look forward to when I'm drowning in schoolwork. It's such a welcome break, I'll be so sad if you discontinue the Let's Play. Please, please, keep playing Uranium!

  10. My biggest draw to the series aside from your quality content is seeing the fake Pokemon's evolutions.

  11. QOTD:
    I plan on playing through with Litten's line first, but definitely Rowlet second, and Popplio third and that's been my plan since I saw the starters. 😀

    For the owls/ ghosts thing:
    A legend around here is la lechuza which is basically a witch spirit that turns into a barn owl with a woman's face and if you whistle at night and she whistles back (or vice versa) she will come and steal your soul/ eat you.

    I think Uranium itself is the problem, for me at least. The sprites are inconsistent in their quality – some look amazing while others look like they were slapped together in MSPaint – and while graphics aren't everything, it just feels really inconsistent. I've read and enjoyed some really "low quality" nuzlocke comics, but the art is usually very consistent, changing gradually as the comic progresses and the artist gets better. These are all just jumbled together, so you're getting final-page quality alongside first-page quality, if that makes sense.

  12. my fav base pokemon is popplio my fav 2nd evo is littleo and my fav final evo is decidueye so I'm kinda lost :/

  13. QOTD: Primarina. in the leaks, Primarina looks bad, but in game…… Its a different story. Great design, Great idea for a signature move (even if it wont be useful), AMAZING CRY! as much as i LOOOOOOVEEE Decidueye, i have to go #TeamPopplio #TeamBrionne #TEAMPRIMARINAFTW

  14. I was Team Litten all the way, at the start, because I love me some fire Pokemon and I've always chosen the fire starter. After seeing the Chinese leaks I was so conflicted because I just didn't like the final evo design. Yes, it's pretty cool, it's just not for me haha. I've converted to Team Decidueye because that owl is freaking awesome and I looooove it's design and typing!

  15. You don't seem to do super well with fan-made games, Dan. I think you view Uranium as a chore and something that you're pushing yourself through. It's hard for viewers to be motivated when you aren't motivated. Mo's Uranium nuzlocke is pretty hyped and he knows about the types and all that with a bit of studying (aka. knowing the nuclear type). You know I love you boy, but it's hard to watch you when you aren't really putting passion into the game.

  16. Hi Dan,

    I do really love the Uranium playthrough, but as some other people like Roswell BlackRose have mentioned in the comments, we can kind of tell you don't care as much about this game as Sun and Moon or even the other 'lockes, life circumstances for the weird upload schedule aside of course. The timing for devoting attention to this game was off and maybe you should have done it later and not when we're between generations. I feel like for it being a Lets Play, maybe it shouldn't have been a nuzlocke so viewers can see the full variety of the Tandor region and not just whatever you get first, or maybe you should have set a rule about only new Tandor Pokemon as the captures instead. Also, as someone who primarily watches your content on YouTube and not Twitch, it feels like especially with your 151 project that you're putting that audience before the YouTube audience, which I get probably because that's where you thrive more and you probably make more from that side than the views here on YouTube. Not to say that I'm not willing to support you of course, it just feels to me at least that your streams come first before the YouTube side of things. I'd be fine with you putting this on hold until we're well into the post-Sun/Moon cooldown when hopefully you'll actually care more about it. I doubt this will be read, but if it is I hope you think about some of the points I've raised here. And again, my feelings aside, I'm still continuing to support you and your videos here because you bring something very unique to YouTube that I can't seem to find elsewhere from the Pokemon community here. Much love to you and Dani!

  17. QOTD: well, I was originally #teamLITten bu Decidueye is even more lit so definitely decidueye

  18. I was team litten till the final evos came out and I really love primorina and very much dislike inceneroar

  19. Totally team Decidueye. And I think its a short "i" when pronouncing it, like "deciduous". As far as Uranium goes, I think its really an interesting series and look forward to watching it. Sure, its not official, but its very well made and looks like it could have been official in an alternate universe.

  20. Always been team litten since day one, and after seeing the shiny, decided to soft reset for one on release

  21. As for the play through part, I'm enjoying it surprisingly. I'm not against fan-games but not the biggest fan of custom Pokemon so maybe that's why it's not doing as well, people not liking fake Pokemon.
    Or it's just to close to Sun and Moon that everyone is to pumped for that.

  22. QOTD: I was always on Rowlet. Ever since I started playing in Ruby I've chosen the Grass starter.
    There is only 1 way that I'll pick a non-Grass starter for my original play through, and that's if you can see the shiny sprite like in HGSS.

  23. I think the main reason this series isn't doing as well is because in my opinion your overall enthusiasm you have towards playing has gone from immense to lackluster. The way you hold youself and the things you speak about whilst playing have diminished. I personally have enjoyed watching this series because it's a new game and I've always enjoyed your let's plays, however, my own desire to watch has gone down because with each passing episode, I've felt your fleeting energy. And with that all being said, I regretfully have to suggest you end this series.

  24. Like other comments says, you don't really seem to enjoy playing Uranium right now. You keep saying "as a content creator" in your videos, and as a subscriber and fan, I can clearly feel border between when you're enjoying it and when you make the videos to make content for your channel. As a viewer I like to see the flavor and hype from your videos, but Uranium kinda seems forced.

    This is one of my favorite series of yours though.

  25. This playthrough is definitely forced and I believe that's why it is not doing as well as you like. I've been around your channel since August of 2015 and I believe the problem is uranium itself and not you every YouTuber is doing a uranium playthrough and it just isn't as exciting it almost seemed like you wanted to lose the Locke when you met radiation gayrados I think you should have just done another xy or oras quick wonderlocke or just done wifi battles until sun and moon love and respect bro

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