Top 5 HARDEST Totem Pokemon To Defeat In Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have now been released, and with all of the new features such as Ultra Necrozma, Team Rainbow Rocket and Ultra Wormhole Shiny Hunting, there is of course New Totem Pokemon, some much harder than others. With that being said, today’s video goes over the Top 5 HARDEST Totem Pokemon To Defeat In Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon


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Top 5 HARDEST Totem Pokemon To Defeat In Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon
Top 5 HARDEST Totem Pokemon To Defeat In Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon
Top 5 HARDEST Totem Pokemon To Defeat In Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon

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  1. I found a cheap way around all totem pokemon most overlook: Gastly/Haunter + Curse. So cheap but it gets the job done.

  2. I actually defeated Totem Lurantus on my first attempt. For me the hardest one was Togademaru. I lost four times, then I went back and caught a digglett, spent a bunch of time training it, and barely made it.

  3. I was looking forward to vsing Rimbombee but I ended up one shotting it with a crit stone edge. I would have preferred giving it the one turn it needed to set up properly rather than win due to luck.

  4. So I just found out that if you keep using moves raises your evasiveness and use self healing moves (plus about 10 super potions) the totem Pokémon will run out of pp and use struggle until it dies… yielding to your win

  5. My list
    Raticate one shot with brick break
    Araquanid 2 turns but I won
    Lurantis was easy (I had chose kitten)
    That was the first four

  6. Doing a nuzlocke, I've run into all except komomo and I haven't had trouble with any of them? ?

    Maybe I was lucky with my matchups since I started with litten (randomly chosen) which took down the luarantis easily, had a charjabug that shrugged off araquinid no problem, and a mudsdale that's just an amazing tank. No exp share either so I'm definitely not overleveled since I hate grinding.

    I guess I'll see if I'll struggle with komomo o when I get to poni

  7. Totem Lurantis… That thing made me literally break my 3DS in half. No joke!
    But that was in Sun…
    I don't even wanna play Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon now knowing they made it harder…
    Well there goes my 2DS (Calling it now.)

  8. for me, totem togedamaru was not hard.
    it was just tanky. using a ground type move with a pokemon with at the time pretty good attack, it took like 8 minutes to beat.

  9. totem lurantis really was not that bad for me. I had a incredibly weak noibat, a incredibly weak wimpod, a flaaffy that only had not very effective moves, a dartrix and a inkay.
    yeah, not exactly the best team, but I still beat it first try.
    for me, the hardest totem pokemon were mimikyu, and marowak. they both swept my team the first few attempts

  10. Totem Marowak was an absolute nightmare for me to fight. Imagine trying to fight it when your team consists of a Torracat, Slowpoke, Ivysaur, and Alolan Vulpix. I couldn't even rely on Hydro Vortex, since it only did 50% to it

  11. The Lurantis fucked me up a few times, along with Araquanid. Everything else I pretty much swept! Alolan Marowak and Primarina carried me through many of them!

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