Top 5 WEAKEST Pokemon Of All Time

There are now nearly over 1000 Pokemon to choose from, and whilst the question of who is the strongest Pokemon of all time gets asked quite a lot, what about the weakest Pokemon of all time too? With that being said, today’s video takes a look at the


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Top 5 WEAKEST Pokemon Of All Time
Top 5 WEAKEST Pokemon Of All Time
Top 5 WEAKEST Pokemon Of All Time

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  1. I disagree about the number one spot on your list, I think that cosmog should be number one in this list as it learns absolutely no damaging moves until it becomes either Solgaleo or Lunala! At least Unown can actually damage the opponent!

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  3. Top ten:
    Wishiwashi normal form (forget what it's called)
    #jisteriamoon shippers
    Cheese tigers
    #wistparri shippers
    Whatever you said

  4. Wishiwashi solo form has the loweresr stat total out of all Pokémon. Unknowns hidden power is a random type.

  5. Sees that Magikarp aka the GOD Pokemon is in the thumbnail
    Magikarp, use Magikarp's Revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everything explodes

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