A mashup of “Victory Road” from the Pokémon fangame “Pokémon Uranium” made by ElectricMudkip (now known as Emdasche) and “Holiday” by Green Day that I made yesterday.
This is my very first mashup and I hope you all enjoy it!
Also, I’d like to add that I was inspired to make this mashup by a youtuber called “Galactic Hole”, who makes a lot of mashups (based around memes) and who recently made a tutorial demonstrating how he makes his mashups. Using this knowledge, I downloaded Sony Vegas Pro and decided to make this. The usage of these two songs was inspired by another mashup by someone called “oneboredjeu Mashup” who makes mashups of “mainstream” songs.

Victory Road:

ElectricMudkip’s Channel (now known as “Emdasche”):


Green Day’s Channel:

Galactic Hole’s Channel:

Galactic Hole’s Tutorial:

oneboredjeu Mashup’s Channel:

The mashup that inspired this one: