WHO IS CURIE? | Pokemon Uranium Nuzlocke w/ JayYTGamer: Episode #35


Today we have another episode of the Pokemon Uranium Nuzlocke! Let’s reach 200 Likes for more Pokemon Uranium Gameplay!

Hey guys and welcome to my Let’s Play of Pokemon Uranium! This is a fan game created in RPG maker that takes place in the Tandor region! There are traditional Pokemon along with Fakemon in this game! Hope you guys enjoy the Pokemon Uranium Gameplay!

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1- Any Pokémon that faints is considered “dead,” and must be released or stored in a specified PC box for “dead” Pokémon.

2- You can only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances.

3- You must nickname your Pokemon!

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  1. ummmm Jay Seikamater is not a legendary because you can get more than one cuz you know YOU CAN'T MORE THAN ONE LEGENDARY PER SAVE FILE!!!!!!!

  2. WAIT! Can we just go over the fact that Urayne was the first Zygarde? Alpha, Beta, and Gamma are basically 10%, 50%, and 100% form.

  3. Aha ha ha, that Actan part was Victini from Victory Fire all over again! But I'm pretty sure that the game is designed (unless you're really lucky) for Actan to go down to Urayne in one hit. And lucky you won, because if I'm not mistaken, rather than blacking out if you lose to CURIE in either of its battles, you get a bad ending where CURIE destroys the world (it's only text) and a Game Over screen. Which is extremely dark by Pokémon standards!

    QOTD: I thought it was alright. The nuclear stuff was pretty interesting, there's some cool lore, and it was nifty to see a full-length Pokémon game with no recurring villainous team. That said, I do wish CURIE was introduced earlier. It really felt like, despite it being an important character, it was shoved into the end of the game just so the game could have a main antagonist. And before its introduction it didn't really feel like the plot was moving anywhere beyond the typical tropes of a Pokémon adventure.

  4. I actually really enjoyed this LP. I'm really glad you liked this game. I wish I would've gotten to play this game before it was taken down.

  5. Hey Jay shame you couldn't catch Actan in its Nuclear Form if you did manage to do so you would have had the only Pokemon that 4x Resists Nuclear. It's a Nuclear/Steel Type, then again it's catch rate is also 3 and it hits like a truck so… yeah smarter in your case to just knock it out…

  6. RIP fallen team members.
    QOTD: I enjoyed it. It was nice to see a fictional scenario of what would happen if nuclear radiation leaked and affected the Pokemon world. I wish that the starters had the normal 3-stage evolution.
    I expected a level jump, but 85? Dang. I wish that this or something like it was an official Pokemon game.
    For a nickname, I would've called Urayne "Lucille's Friend". I wish that the smell of freshly-baked cookies woke up your mother.
    If you continue the post-game in Tsukinami, please train to level 80-88.

  7. Please catch the legendary Pokemon and any side quests that might be around. Please I would love to see it.

  8. 'We get a legendary!? Bye Swab."

    HoW CoUlD yOU ThRow AwAY SWAb S0 EAsILY!?

    Dies after one turn in Battle

    OMG I was just joking!!

  9. The story was just fantastic I wished some of the actual Pokémon games could do something just as well. I enjoyed watching you play through this game. Your reactions always make me laugh.

  10. Jay you can have your battle with theo if you go to his house and talk to him then go back to the champion site but be careful he has lv 80's

  11. there is supposed to be 6 more legends but the game got shut down so there isn't really anything after tsukinami village

  12. QOTD: it seems like a pretty hard game, but it was quite amusing to watch you play. If I ever decide to buy a PC, I think I'll play it myself.

  13. Now that the lock is over, I suggest getting some of your stronger mons you lost to make up a better team cause boy you really are in need of one XD

  14. Hey Jay do you think you'll be more prepared the next time you take on the championship in the penta-op

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